Notorious Nick Movie Update #1

Notorious Nick Movie Update #1

Project Status Update – July 28th, 2016

There is a lot that goes into the making of a major motion picture, and we are fortunate to have a team that definitely knows what they’re doing!

Aside from working hard in pre-production, we have recently launched our official website for the movie,, and are gearing up for our Indiegogo Campaign to help raise funds for the main production budget.

Our producers, Mark DiSalle and Howard Burd have also been active in making real progress with film studios to secure distribution of the film once it’s released. A very important factor!

Right now our main focus is on making sure we raise the funds necessary to push the project through, and we feel very confident about that. Our decision to crowdfund this project was more about getting Nick’s family, friends and fans involved in the process and we are committed to communicating with you every step of the way. Your involvement will turn this movie into a major motion picture, worthy of being seen around the world. We believe Nick’s story is one of the greatest sports accomplishments in history and it deserves to be told.

By including you the audience into the creative process, how can it not be a huge success. We hope that you are as excited about this journey as we are!

Check out this video from Notorious Nick Producer Howard Burd when he paid a visit to Lionsgate Studios to talk more about distribution for the film. 

Ways To Get Involved

There are many ways for you to be actively involved in our movie.
We reward active members of our team.. if you have something to contribute that will help us get the word out, please let us know!


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