A YOUNG BOY born with only one hand and undeniable heart.
A SINGLE MOM whose persistence and determination shaped him
A CHAMPION who learned that giving up was never an option!


The Synopsis

Notorious Nick is the inspirational true story of how a young single mother never let her son’s disability define who he was. Nick, who was born with his left arm missing below the elbow, never gave up, or gave in to his limitations due to Stacey’s tough demeanor as a parent. She made sure that her son learned to navigate his way through life with perseverance, courage and knowing that giving up was never an option.

As Nick struggles with his physical challenges, Stacey has more to learn as well, and the two of them find strength in each other.

With the love and support of his mother and coach, and through his own grit and determination, Nick overcomes all odds to have a shot to win the MMA championship.



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A young mother refuses to let her son's disability define him and together they learn that giving up is not an option.
The Movie

Notorious Nick is produced by Mark DiSalle and Howard Burd.

DiSalle is a proven producer, director and writer with a successful track record in the martial arts/action film genre. He discovered and made an international star of Jean Claude Van Damme with Bloodsport,  Kickboxer  and Death Warrant, and did the same for Jeff Speakman with The Perfect Weapon.

Most recently, Burd and DiSalle produced the latest Garry Marshall film Mother’s Day with an A-List cast, including Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Timothy Olyphant, and Jason Sudeikis. Both are producing and currently in the process of casting the latest Dennis Dugan film (Director of Grown UpsLove Crazy Love and were both producers of the independent film 4 Minute Mile, starring Richard Jenkins and Kim Basinger.

The original screenplay for Notorious Nick was written by the talented writing team of Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken whose latest screenplay was selected by J.J. Abrams for his newest film 10 Cloverfield Lane, with Darrin Reed writing the latest version of the screenplay. Reed recently produced the movie Lila and Eve starring Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis and also created the highly successful Spike TV reality series, Bar Rescue.

Notorious Nick is currently in pre-production and will begin shooting in 2017.



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Notorious Nick Movie Update #2

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Notorious Nick Movie Update #1

Project Status Update – July 28th, 2016 There is a lot that goes into the making of a major motion picture, and we are fortunate to have a team that definitely knows what they’re doing! Aside from working hard in pre-production, we have recently launched our official website for the movie, NotoriousNickTheMovie.com, and are gearing up for our Indiegogo Campaign to help raise funds for the main production budget. Our producers, Mark DiSalle and Howard Burd have also been active in m...

Producers Mark DiSalle and Howard Burd Team Up for Notorious Nick

(Los Angeles, Calif.) – Martial Arts movie producing legend, Mark DiSalle, and co-producer, Hollywood rising star, Howard Burd, have been inspired to focus their next project, Notorious Nick, on the incredible true story of Notorious Nick Newell, the one-handed MMA Champion fighter. DiSalle, who discovered Jean-Claude Van Damme and produced iconic martial arts movies like Bloodsport, Kickboxer, and Perfect Weapon, and co-producer Howard Burd, recently produced two films together including the...



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